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Default 90% urgent help needed

I walked into the door tonight to 8 huge piles of diarrhea all over the carpet and pee all over my couch. From the looks of one of the piles Gunther ate a bird's nest that fell out of the tree. He is only drooling right now off and on. His behavior is completely normal and he seems to be over the worst of it. I took his food away for the night and plan on boiling some white rice for him, nothing else. Not sure whether to limit is water or not. I went through an entire roll of viva paper towels and 3 washcloths cleaning just the carpet. I'm not concerned about the cleaning, I am concerned about his health. Obviously if he wasn't acting completely normal like nothing happened I would be much more concerned.

Is the rice only idea good or does he need his food? How about water intake? Please let me know, I don't want to starve him or dehydrate him.
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