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You will get advice from people more experienced than me, but I do have 2 suggestions for you. First, a tired dog is a happy dog--how much exercise is she getting? She should have a place she can safely run and play, and run and play, and run and play... You get the idea.

Second, have you started any obedience training? Until she is dead certain with commands, you can put a tether or a handle on her--a light nylon leash works, or a nylon rope with a knot at the end, something you can step on easily to stop her. When you are sitting down, put the tether under your foot, or even sit on it. This stops the mad dashes through the house, the jumping on the couch, the jumping up on people, all that. You have to be consistent about it, and use a command when you stop her from jumping--"OFF!" And mean it.

And, again, a lot of exercise and learning and exercise will help curb the unwanted behavior in the house.

And, no, this stage doesn't magically disappear at the age of six months... It goes away with a combination of good training, exercise, more exercise, and maturity, anywhere from 18-24 months old. But take heart--you will end up with a great dog, a wonderful companion, but you have to put much effort and love and patience into the process!


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