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Well this just started last night.
We have lived here for a year in this apartment. I'm not sure when the current down stairs neighbors moved in but I know they've been here at least 3-4 months.
Sometimes Titan and jasmine like to play. Before it gets too rowdy I normally break it up and most of the time they are separated for an hour or two so they leave each other alone.
Also Titan likes to bring us toys such as a ball or a tug. We don't really have a place to go to do this so I do it in the house.
Never longer than 10 minutes. And we don't do this past 8 pm.
For the last 2 nights whenever they start in, the down stairs neighbor has been banging on the ceiling. At first we thought someone was hammering something on the wall and I told my fiancé they only do it when the dogs trot, run or wrestle.
The dogs started in again today and they banged on the ceiling again so I know its because of the dogs.
However, she hasn't came to our door and the dogs always have done this.
I can't exactly take Titan to a field everytime he wants to play.
Our complex allows dogs on the second and third floors.
There is nothing in my lease that says my dogs can't rough house.
The only way I could possibly put a stop to this and please the downstairs neighbors is to keep them separated at all times and to not let Titan have toys in the house because he will play with himself.
I really don't want a confrontation and is rather not go down there and confront her.
They don't bark unless someone comes in or knocks. Titan will whine heavily if being fed or being taken out in the morning or when my fiancé gets home.
He's a 9 month old pup and extremely vocal when he gets excited.
His mother is the same way. Not sure how to correct plus we are trying to build drive for schutzhund
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