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Soon to get GSD puppy! Tips and advice please?

Hey all, my sister will be getting a female german shepherd (3 and a half months) in a few days. We have a 3 year old maltese as well. The maltese (f) is hyper all the time and can get feisty if provoked.
1) Would like any advice which would help the two get along and how to introduce them to each other.

2) Any tips for the first week or month, or anything that we need to pay extra attention to? She will get her daily exercise, looked after thoroughly, and other things a puppy needs although how much exercise would be overdoing it for a GSD puppy?

I have read the FAQs but still would like to have any advice from first hand owners and take care of anything i have may missed out to make sure the puppy is fine, as i know GSDs aren't like most dogs
Thanks a lot in advance!
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