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RIP Deacon

june 4 2014

the last appointment

our beloved loyal beautiful dog, Deacon.

he hasn't had the joy he loved of walking the neighborhood for over six month. it started slowly, just couldn't go for rides. We could see one hind leg was spastic and irregular in movement and there was the scraping of his nails when we walked.

then the day he so wanted to walk with us but only got as far as just past the fire barn and he just collapsed and was dragging his back legs. I ran home to get the car but by the time I was coming out the driveway, he was limping along toward home. Tom said he got frantic when he saw me leave and was determined to follow me home.

Then there was the night he fell by the back steps and couldn't get up until I found him. Since then I have had to be there to give him sometimes just a little boost, but sometimes a full body pick up. He is heavy and I am not strong so it was never graceful.

A few days ago while trying to poop his rear muscles just lost it and he was going to sit in his mess. I caught him in time.

For both of us the decision to call for the appointment was the hardest part.

Last night after tom made the appointment we went to Liuzzis and got him a delmonico steak which he really enjoyed. Except the last part and he fell down while trying to eat.

Later when I was in the shower, he tried and struggled to get up and over to Tom and then was sneezing blood from his nose. Don't know why.

I think we have made the right decision but it is so HEARTBREAKING.

We have loved him for 11 3/4 years.
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