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Thanks for the advice, I'll look up the links. I'm thinking of taking the Huntaway to work with me and separating their daily lives.

Carmspack he is from NZ but they're becoming quite popular over here now. I've had him since he was 8 weeks old and brought him over when he was 18mths. He's my first Huntaway and I had no clue what I was getting in to, I thought it would be like having a collie! How wrong was I! He's farm bred and the most intense pup I've ever had. Much harder than our GSD. Anyway, 10yrs on and after masses of research on the breed I've trained him for film and TV, he's been my running and cycling companion and he's a great therapy dog. The way I trained him was to give him his work/training time and his free time. Free time involved allowing his barking when running in fields and it suited us all fine until we got the GSD. In NZ most people thought we were mad having a Huntaway but he has the best temperament I've ever known in a dog. Having said that the next will have a lot more training put in to stopping the barking!

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