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Double Trouble - is he a bad influence?

We have a Huntaway and a young reactive GSD.

This is my Huntaway - 10yrs old, loves people, dogs and children. Can be over enthusiastic when he sees people and will run up to them with tail wagging. I don't let him do this but we live in a small place and unfortunately people who know him encourage this. Huntaway's very often bark when running or moving forward so when he does run up to people he's usually barking. He's totally non aggressive.

Now add this to my reactive GSD and I think he's causing me a massive problem. I take her out on her own a lot to get her used to people and places and she's much better when he's not there. He seems to make her more anxious. We've moved house recently and he's struggled with the move and panics when left alone. He's also going deaf and I think this is adding to his anxiety.

My husband had said he was going to take over the GSDs training. She responds better and quicker to him and the Huntaway can now come to work with me so it made sense but he works really long hours and it's just not working out.

I'm in need of a bit of friendly advice or comments. Writing it down makes it seem so obvious that he's definitely a problem but has anyone else been in this situation and what have you done?

Rehoming either dog is not an option.

Thanks in advance.

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