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Originally Posted by shepherdmom View Post
There is already another thread on this same subject, why start a new one?

What are your qualifications?

For 30 years my dogs have worn collars with tags 24-7. Not once have I had a problem. That doesn't mean that might not some day have a problem. However at this point the risk seem to be extremely low. In that same 30 years I've had a couple of dogs escape at different times (one dug under the fence, one broke open a gate latch). Those dog got home to me because of their collars and tags. For me the benefits are greater than the risks.

I help with rescue. So many beautiful obviously cared for dogs I see wind up there because someone hasn't bothered to put a collar with tags on them. So sad.
I just wanted to get my questions answered in one area for my future reference

Again, I'm just planning for my puppy to be home in a few weeks, and this is just my tenative plan. I think tags on 24-7 is a good idea, except for in the crate or dog run, securely closed. Just weighing benefits and risks, like you said
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