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Originally Posted by FelixTheGSD View Post
There is a big controversy in general about collaring dogs - when and what types, etc. In my opinion, unless the dog needs a different collar as a training aid:

-Should be "naked" if they are contained (in the house, in a crate, dog run, etc.)
-Should only be collared if going to an open area or in public where they might run off.
-(This one is just my preference) Should use a harness for actually walking them on leash, but have the collar on for identification when walking and in public. (This is the harness I use - it is a martingale harness! Super wonderful in my opinion. Freedom No-Pull Harness)
What are ya'lls opinion on collaring? To collar or not to collar?
There is already another thread on this same subject, why start a new one?

What are your qualifications?

For 30 years my dogs have worn collars with tags 24-7. Not once have I had a problem. That doesn't mean that might not some day have a problem. However at this point the risk seem to be extremely low. In that same 30 years I've had a couple of dogs escape at different times (one dug under the fence, one broke open a gate latch). Those dog got home to me because of their collars and tags. For me the benefits are greater than the risks.

I help with rescue. So many beautiful obviously cared for dogs I see wind up there because someone hasn't bothered to put a collar with tags on them. So sad.
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