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Fence Fighting with New Neighbors

I've read some of the fence fighting threads and will immediately implement the suggestions and talk to our new neighbors.

However, there is a little complication in my case. The area by the fence in question is my dog's self-chosen potty area!

Here are some details:

My boy has just turned a year old and is intact. My neighbors had a mini dachshund who would rush over to the fence (6 foot, wooden) yapping and tail wagging. My pup would sniff back and wag his tail, but stay basically calm. They have moved. The new neighbors have two terriers and a lab. And the fireworks are exploding. All four dogs are running the fence, barking like mad. My pup has his hackles up. He doesn’t respond to me trying to distract him and he struggles when I drag him back in the house. All dogs are indoor dogs so this happens when everyone is let out for potty breaks.

My dog is not dog aggressive, but he is reactive when on leash. Off-leash, he is dog friendly. I don’t know anything about the other dogs.

The main question: Should I move his potty area? I really hate to destroy another part of the yard!
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