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New Foster with Kennel Cough

Hi everyone,

I am fostering a shepherd who has Kennel Cough. We got him on Saturday and he has had very limited exposure to my other dogs. I clean his cage, he has a separate food/water bowl and in another room all together. My other dogs are all fully vaccinated. I didn't know he had kennel cough until Monday when he went for his heartworm/lyme/lypto/etc test. I saw several threads about remedies on the forum, but I haven't seen anything on proper sanitizing the household with a dog that has kennel cough. I know its airborne. I just want to make sure I'm doing the best I can to decrease the chance of it returning for our foster and spreading to my other dogs.

FYI...he is getting meds for the kennel cough, along with coconut oil.


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