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Help curbing somewhat aggressive behavior

Our 8 month old Lucy has gone through the typical puppy phases and is generally still turning out to be a wonderful family dog. With one exception...

She sometimes seems to think that dangling or jumping objects - or more specifically - KIDS, are toys to nip at. Case in point is our backyard trampoline. When our kids jump on it, it drives Lucy bonkers. She jumps and barks and won't let up until this kids are off. Just a couple of days ago a close friend's son was playing and was bouncing close to the net. Lucy jumped up and bit his leg through the net. Apparently it drew a little bit of blood and freaked out his mom and my wife. A couple of months ago my 10 year old was carrying my 3 year old nephew when Lucy followed and bit his leg. I don't think he even knew what happened because I reacted so fast and nearly tossed Lucy across the deck. Those two incidents are more/less rare, but in my opinion they're 2 incidents too many! What should I be doing to help curb this behavior and build her trust with our family and friends? She's a great dog almost all the time and I truly hate thinking I should've gotten another Lab... We're MORE than willing to put in the work necessary for her, but need some direction.
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