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Need help with my Chi

Hey y'all! I have a Chi-mix that's about a year and a half, is neutered, housetrained, SMART, knows several commands. Problem is that he has a dominant personality and goes through stages every 6-8 weeks where he'll gradually start challenging me. It starts with small infractions, taking longer to actually sit when asked, to ignoring me when asked to sit, and finally actually leaving when asked to sit. When this starts, I don't give in, I keep at him until he does what I asked. He's bitten me when I've reached to get him out of the kennel, bitten my daughter for getting to close to 'his' spot on the couch, he growls at her often, doesn't listen to anyone but me (only b/c I've come down pretty hard on him for disobeying), yes, I alpha rolled him after he bit me. That is the ONLY thing that has ever put him back on track, even for a few weeks before he back at it again.

I'm really frustrated. I've asked the Chi people about it and am not getting a lot of solid advice about how to enforce rules with my dominant Chi. I'm scared to even post this here b/c of the nastiness that ensued from the Chi folks. With that said, if you think I'm just mean or abusive or evil, please just don't comment. Please! It doesn't help me do better. Constructive criticism is fine and warranted. Please, no bashing.

So, I want to ask you guys who deal with bigger dogs where physical domination isn't always an option but that still have to have rules and training and it's second nature to expect these from your dog.

How would a dominant personality be handled with your dogs?
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