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Originally Posted by CharlieB.Barkin View Post
While looking for a new dog collar, I have come across a lot of horror stories involving all kinds of dog collars. They typically involve a second dog getting it's jaw stuck between the collar and the neck of the first dog, or the tags on the collar getting stuck on something, like a crate, or a fence.

I don't like the idea of my dogs going about without a collar at any time, so what could be done to minimize this?

I would think that getting a name plate riveted into the collar can prevent the tags from getting stuck on anything, but my municipality gives out these registration tags, so there will still be one present regardless. I saw in a video that you could inner tube to strap them down.

When I fit my dog's collars, I like to give them a lot of space. I can usually fit 4 fingers between the collar and my dog's neck. Could this potentially put them in danger? I don't like putting them on this tight:

I also hear that it's safer to use a quick release clip, as opposed to a belt style buckle. My only problem with this is that I question the durability of any plastic buckle. Especially during the winters here when it can get to -40 degrees celsius. I would only feel comfortable using a metal buckle.
Rolled leather was recommended to me nearly 30 years ago by a rescue. I love them. My dogs wear them 24-7. I use either a halter or martingale when we are out and about but the leather collar is always on.
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