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Originally Posted by Magwart View Post
I lost a dog many years ago to a collar accident. We switched to Chinook Break-away collars, and don't leave anything else on the dogs. They are much safer, you can put tags on them, and you can grab both rings quickly to keep an exuberant dog from bolting, if needed. (The company has GREAT customer service -- when mine were young, they figured out how to get the collars off and use them as tug-of-war toys, and Chinook sold me replacements at a deep discount, even though it was no fault of theirs, as I had to replace them several times until the dogs tired of that game.)

Your Dog Collar Story: Chinook & Co.
Those are interesting. From reading through the website, it seems like you have to call to make an order. I wonder if they make them for toy breeds as well.

My only concern with that collar would involve it unintentionally coming undone and then the dogs are loose without a collar or identification tags. I do like this option, but are there alternatives?
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