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Good question. Not being a breeder I can't answer from that POV.

I know with my recent purchase, I pretty much sent a full dog owner CV to the breeder I was interested in, including "references available" part. She called me within 6 hours and we talked for 2.

I have never had a problem getting a dog from a breeding I wanted. But I have not bought a lot of dogs. In my search I found some hilariously long and detailed "applications" that needed to be completed before even talking to the breeder. I generally just bypassed those breeders. Not because I think I would be rejected, but because I knew I could find what I was looking for without the 10 page questionnaire.

I talked to all my breeders extensively before purchasing. Actually talked. I assume they were gathering the information on me they needed and I them.

I have always been honest about my expectations, lifestyle, and needs. I know what I want and what I can handle.

But I am curious what breeders will say.

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