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What The Breeder Looks For.

There have been many discussions on what to look for in a reputable breeder and such. But what do breeders look for in a possible customer? What turns a breeder off of a customer?

I did some searching before getting Cruz. All be it, I got him from a backyard breeder. But I did contact "reputable" breeders also. I was not really turned down by any but I was turned off by one. I WAS like probably most of the general public in wanting to pick my dog out and not have it picked for me. I have since learned things and my next one I would be more open to having a pup matched to me instead of the reverse. I've also learned differences in breeders like the one I got Cruz from and ones I've delt with in the past and some of the reputable breeders here and elsewhere. I've also applied for a rescue but never heard back from them. So I guess you could put that in the rejected category, but I'm not sure why they failed to contact me back, it may be something a innocent as being overlooked. I never pursued it, so it's water under the bridge for me and wouldn't hesitate to try a rescue again.

I'm not really looking for arguments just information to help myself understand a breeders perspective when dealing with potential buyers.
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