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Great. (moved to health)

So, my manager puppy sat for us last weekend and I had given her the food that he's been on for a few months already and she had told me that her bulldogs + my dog managed to get into the dog food bag that I had given her and they ate the whole thing. This was.. on Sunday, I think. So she told me that she had been giving him Blue Buffalo.. because.. what else could have been done since all they have near their place is a Petsmart and they don't sell the brand of food I was giving my dog.

Anyway, we picked him up Monday evening and he got right back onto his normal food. Everything was normal. In the morning, my boyfriend took him out to use the potty, then an hour or so later, I got up to feed him because I had to get ready for work and I took him out one last time before I left and I put him right back in his crate.

I get home from work and he's literally covered in poop. Diarrhea came to visit and it decided to self-destruct all over the front right side of his WIRED crate, mind you. Poop and poopy water was all over the place.. and the smell is unforgiving. Sorry for the details.

It HAS to be because he was randomly switched, FOR A DAY, to Blue Buffalo.

What I was wanting to ask was what on earth can I do so I don't have to clean up another big fat splurge of diarrhea off the floor tomorrow (IF it does happen again)? My boyfriend and I both work in the morning and no one is here to take him out until the poop rampage is over. I don't want to leave him outside in the backyard until I get home because he's only 6 months and he's still in land shark mode, plus I live in Texas. IT'S HOT.

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