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Thoughts and opinions-To much to ask?

I just want to know what you all think. I am getting another pup, and have contacted the breeder, but I am curious what others think about what I'm looking for.

I did 15 years as a dog handler doing high risk/high profile security. The dogs were patrol dogs, so building searches, crowd control, etc. And in some cases detection, tracking and the like. Multi purpose dogs, we worked in places where traditional security had backfired and resulted in increased aggression, also served as roving patrol and back up for site guards in high crime areas. In Canada security is not armed. I was also trained for personal security, and 2 of the dogs I worked were trained as personal protection dogs.
Prior to that I dabbled in obedience and some agility.
Anyway, when I retired Sabi and first started looking at another pup I said I was looking for an active family pet, who had the ability to do patrol work IF I decided to go back to that type of work. I thought I may be convinced to trials if I had the right dog, and I would be willing to work for a title with the right breeder and the right dog. I like the tracking and search training more then the bitework, but I enjoy training and working the dogs. I am really outdoorsy and spend a lot of my free time hiking and such.
I'm really curious what others think about what kind of pup I should be looking for, and you all seem to be pretty opinionated
So speak up. What type of dog am I looking for? Or am I just asking to much?
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