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Procedure Costs???

I just got an estimate from my vet for an adult spay (18 months approx.) and a gastropexy as an additional procedure during the spay.

I was wondering if any of the vet/vet techs here could tell me if these are fair or high fees. I'm trying to decide if I should look for a different vet for this. I forgot to ask for the cost of hip and elbow x-rays during the spay.

Anyway, this is the quote:

Anesthesia and monitoring: $64.95
Fluids $67.40
Pain management $27.10
(while in hospital)
Spay $277.60
PreOP Coag w/CBC $114.45
Gastropexy Addt. Procedure $647.35

Total $1198.85

The estimate states: treatment plan may range from $1198.85 - $1498.56.
I don't know where the other $300 comes from.

Love my vet and trust her, but money doesn't grow on trees. If these are way high prices I would look around. We have a good number of vets in my area.

Just looking for input....TIA!

Ziva 03.07.2013
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