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Originally Posted by customx4209 View Post
Our GSD is 8 months old now and he is developing steady aggression towards our 2 year old Puggle (pug Beagle mix) when it comes to food. This occurs both when regular feeding and when we are cooking/eating dinner and they both are hoping they might get some food. Currently I feed the dogs on other sides of the room at the same time, but when the puggle finishes her food first and walks towards our GSD, the hair on his back stands up and he lets out a mean growl. He has no aggression towards humans during eating, I can rub his head and put my hand in his food with no issues.

I have received mixed assistance on dealing with this. Our dog trainer said let it go uninterupted and allow the GSD to let the puggle know he is the alpha. Our dog boarder on the other had noticed it and said that aggression like that can continue to grow and become dangerous down the road.

Does anyone have any thoughts on whats to do about this? Thanks!!
Yeah the puggle is out of line. Its normal and appropriate to guard one's own resources. It can only continue and grow if the puggle doesn't get the hint that she can't have his food too.

Here is a video I made to show behaviors. Watch your dogs closely, even record it, and see if you can see what is really happening.
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