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Originally Posted by GatorBytes View Post
So. I think Gator is very sick. We have an appointment Wed. June 4 in the a.m. As noted in title, I fear the worst. Not sure if it's b/c of everything I have read here regarding HS and I am seeing similarities (or maybe I'm wrong), maybe I am just being neurotic/paranoid and this is an infection.

Naturally when I booked the app. the Vet wasn't available to discuss what testing I could be looking at, as well $$$ for.

I did ask the receptionist to book a time slot that could include x-rays as I don't want to reschedule for. They don't anesthetize for (that's a plus)

I got a cup off her to bring in a urine sample.

First, I know I will need to do a CBC, and Chem:

What specifically should be the add-on to this, CBC + reticulocytes (?) - what abnormality could be found in a CBC?
What Chem screen? In anyones exp. what abnormality would be found in this panel that may point to cancer?

On to x-rays. Looking from bowel to heart (lungs I am concerned with, and/or heart as symptoms could be related). How many need to be taken?

I do NOT have an unlimited amount of money. I have to be extremely careful for what and on what I am paying for. Choices have to be made and I don't know this vet and I don't want to get caught up in emotion at the time as I have in past. I could be wiped out ($$$), find nothing and have nothing for further tests.

Thank you in advance

P.S. I'm scared
What are his symptoms?

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