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Few puppy feeding questions.

Hi, names Steve. I've been reading around the forum for a few weeks since I got a 6 week old gs. He's now 9 weeks, 13 pounds as of last week.

I am feeding him Wellness for puppies. It's what the couple I got him from were feeding him. Seems like the ingredients are good and he gobbles it up.

I've been going by the recommended feeding on the bags and can but it seems a pretty generic, I mean a dog that's going to get bigger should eat more than a dog that's staying small no?

It says about 2 cups of dry, and to replace 1/3 of it for every 6 ounces of wet. I want to get him to eat only dry food eventually but should I stay going by what the bag suggests? And anything particularly wrong with Wellness?

Thank you all so much, from me and Gizmo.
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