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Question Does this sound like a picky eater?

So my dog ghost (15 months) is kind of a weird eater

His original owner (I've had him for 1 month, but have known his for his whole life) was feeding him purina puppy chow. They also left his food out all the time for him to choose when to eat.

I slowly switched him to taste of the wild. At first he ate it right up, but recently wont touch it, with some exceptions.

Some day just giving him a treat first will make him hungry and **** eat.

Some days I have to break the treats up into tiny bits and mix into the kibble then **** eat it, but sometimes it doesn't work.

Today he wouldn't touch it, so i gave him a handful of leftover purina. He ate it right up. Then a handful of taste of the wild, he ate it up. So i put his bowl back in front of his face. Ate the whole thing and licked the sides.

I usually leave his food out if he wont eat, because he will sometimes only eat when he is alone. His old owner said ghost would only ever eat when no one was around, but sometimes this trick doesn't work.

Im thinking about either switching foods, mixing in some wet food, or trying toppers?

What do you guys think? Should I just tough it out and let him learn to eat what he has?

Also hes very skinny from not eating so much so im worried trying to only put food out and then taking it away if he doesn't eat after 15 minutes will cause more weight loss.

Thanks for reading this long winded post and for answering the questions. I really appreciate it guys and gals.
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