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8 week old puppy questions

I have a new puppy named Ziva. She is 8 weeks old. I just got her three days ago. She is doing well sleeping and only wakes me up once during the night. But I am trying to walk with her to help her get tired. She does fairly well for being so young, but today she saw children for the first time and freaked out. I thought she was going to choke herself trying to get away. I sat down on the ground and asked the children to do the same and to pet her. They were thrilled and she did well after that. Did I do the right thing? Will I need to do this each time I see them for a while to get her used to them?

Also, she only wants to play with one of her toys...the squeaky one at the end of a throw stick. Should I hide that one for a while and try to get her to chase a ball or something?

Thank you
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