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agreed there's a difference. i also think most bites could be avoided if parents supervised and taught their kids how to act around dogs a little better.

other day wife and i were walking our dogs off leash down abandoned RR tracks (only secluded place around). a little 5 year old was playing in his front yard of the last house of a dead end that ends just before the tracks. he saw us, ran off his yard, down the last 30 feet of street and started running up this little dirt foot path going up to the tracks the whole time screaming "doggie doggie". he made it about 5 feet from one of our dogs before she barked and charged at him a few feet. little kid then turned and started running away screaming in fear. we were about 20 feet from the dog and called her to us and luckily she listened and didn't chase the kid. she is trained to completely ignore strangers but has never dealt with anything like that. she was in full defensive mode. if that kid got any closer to her he would've gotten bit. not attacked but definitely bit. in the eyes of animal control it would've been our fault.

stupid kids. /rant
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