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Dog bites and attacks

I was unsure where to put this, as it is mostly just the meanderings of my mind. I volunteer at a shelter, so hear about "bit histories," etc. I am thinking that anymore people do not know the difference between a dog bite and a dog "attack." Back when I was a child, dog bites were something that mainly happend only to children, almost always a result of either a child's meanness or foolishness. From what I can remember, usually the dog was neither held responsible, not blamed and the parents usually took a "serves you right" attitude. Dog attacks on the other hand almost never happened. I think because almost all humans had leadership skills back then and it would not have crossed a dog's mind to attack a human; wouldn't have wanted to, nor would they have dared. If a dog did "attack," it would have been put down immediately without question. It just seems to me that people no longer know the difference and every nip is considered a huge, serious affair.

Humans also had the leadership to parent without child rearing classes too, LOL, but that's another story...
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