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Originally Posted by Courtney View Post
I'm not a breeder - no experience at all.

But as a puppy buyer I would not want to take my pup home at 4 weeks. All pups grow fast but they need to be with the mother IMO for development and health reasons. I don't know why that would be different for a singleton?

7-8 weeks is a good time to go home. Good luck.
I agree with this. The earliest I've seen a puppy go home is six weeks (a friend of my brothers) and even that is too young IMO. 7-8 weeks is good. The breeder I got Rambo from wouldn't let a puppy go until 8 weeks. 4 is way too young, and I couldn't see how being the only pup in the litter would affect what age he goes home. Good luck with your new pup when you get him!
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