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What is wrong with shiggs?

We noticed a problem with shiggs about a year ago, she drinks non stop and then leaks pee all the day long. We took her to the vet some time ago with this problem and he took her blood and pee sample and told us that she was a healthy dog and we had nothing to worry about, he also said that because she had no bladder infection the reason for the leaky urine was spay incontinence. OKay so not very long ago she had issues with water bowl agro, well we put a stop to that by adding an extra bowl (glass not metal) and she hogs the metal bowls and leaves the glass ones (she will drink all the water from that one too) to tyson and dex. She will go outside and drink every drop if we dont stop her then will go downstairs and drink every drop, i even caught her busting thru the bathroom door to drink the toilet water this is driving me insane. I have started to just crate her with her own bowl so dex and tyson dont dehydrate. Then she proceeds to pee everywere it will just freely drip out of her and she has no idea that she is leaving a pee trail, or laying in it, i clean her bedding and crate almost everyday because of it. We walk them for a last go around 7 30pm then they have a drink and go for one last pee, then she proceeds to go to bed and still leak all night. I dont want to be a water nazi with her but its really driving me mad. Do i need to get her tested for something specific? or is she just having to constantly replenish herself because it leaves her so quickly, in a water out a water. Anyone have any suggestions?

Sorry for the vent in advance.
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