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First walk Without Leash!!

A couple of days ago, I took my 8.5 month old Shiloh Shepard "Kiyah" on a walk and while in a undeveloped area of our subdivision, I decided to work on some off-leash training. She did so well on recall and stay commands, I decided to finish the walk off-leash. The rest of the walk went very well. She is normally skiddish of cars passing or cyclists, but didn't seem concerned on the rest of the walk.

I took another walk with her the same day to make sure it wasn't a fluke and sure enough, she behaved admirably. This included encountering a neighbor with a lost-dog on leash looking for it's owner.

note: I keep a leash on hand just in case and I use an E-collar on her as a correction tool. She still need a little help on occasion with the E-collar when she gets too distracted, but does well overall.

Here is Kiyah at the local park on walk #3 without leash as we were learning obstacles:

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