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What is your dog's favorite snack?

Hello, My girlfriend and I recently (in the last few days) got a 1 year old german shepard. One of our goals has been to find a snack for him that is nutritious that he is also crazy about in order to make his crate a more enjoyable place It would be nice for it to not be super costly as well. So far we have been giving him animal crackers for training purposes, and peanut butter in his kong toy, both of which he seems to like; however when we try to comfort him in his crate or if we try to reward him after emptying in the correct spot, he seems to just drop his snack out of anxiety or focus on something else. Based on some light research, we have been thinking about trying turkey hot dogs, carrots apples. As you can see, we are trying to be cheap, however dont hesitate to tell me if I need to purchase treats MADE SPECIFICALLY FOR dogs. Feel free to throw out any snack that you can think of. Thanks!
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