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Question 17wk Old Puppy Barking/Pulling Towards Other Dogs

Hey Guys!

So I'm new here (obviously). I have a 17 week old GSD named Zephyr who I love to pieces (and thats mutual, he's a super sweet, affectionate, and gentle dog with all humans).

Recently on walks/at parks and at Starbucks he has been barking with his biggest, deepest bark at every dog he sees. I have tried redirecting with his favorite treats and a high happy voice, but it doesn't seem to do anything. I think it could be that he just wants to go play, but no dog owners seem to want to let him near their dogs (and I can't really blame them), so it just frustrates him even more. Not to mention the other dogs tend to get a little bit riled up from his barking.

What can I do? Is this normal?

Also with the dogs he does know, he seems to play pretty rough, but it sounds like thats fairly normal and he's just pushing and testing his boundaries until he gets told off by whoever he's playing with.

Thanks everyone!
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