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Do both breeders have websites that you can link to?

Personally, I'd at least like to see some socialization to people prior to going home at 8 weeks old. Most breeders won't allow people to visit when the puppies are really young and at the most risk, but at a certain point they will allow people to come meet the puppies. I also don't see any reason why the pups would need to stay in the kennel all the time when he's got all that property to explore. That seems odd to me.

Temperament testing isn't 100%, but it can give you an idea of which puppies would be most suited for what kinds of homes. Just because it's not perfect doesn't mean it should be totally dismissed. Spending time with the puppies from the time they're born will also tell the breeder a lot about each puppy's personality.

I've shipped a puppy across the country, and we're very happy with her. Halo came from Connecticut, and we live in the San Francisco Bay Area. But the breeder was a member of the board at the time, several people I knew online had puppies from her, and some of my long time forum friends knew her and trained with her. They'd actually met Halo at training and thought she'd be perfect for us, and encouraged us to contact the breeder about her. It might have been different if it was a breeder I didn't know much about, who hadn't come highly recommended by people I knew and trusted. How much do you know about the long distance breeder?
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