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How much does socialization and outside time matter before 8 weeks??

Getting a GSD within the next few weeks/month. I'm torn between 2 breeders!! One of the pups is here locally(outside Houston) he's a dog trainer and has been for upwards of 20 some years his sport is schutzhund. He breeds a few of his dogs and only has a couple litters a year. I've yet to find anything negative about the guy. He's very helpful when I talk to him and doesn't seem to just tell me what I want to hear ,like I feel other breeders have done. However his pups are staying in one of the kennels on his property. They were born in a whelping box he has in one of his attached garages that he converted for the purpose. How much does socialization and outside time matter before 8 weeks??-imageuploadedbypg-free1401547178.756860.jpg He has 4 kennels at his 2.5 acre home. He has more training kennels on another property not far from him. My question is that there is a chance that when I get the dogs at 8 weeks she may not have spent anytime in the grass or with other people aside from him. His reasoning is for protection of the pup which really may be no big deal since she is so young. The Other breeder is a lot more intense about her pups. Even though Ive put money down she can't guarantee me a pup because she does temperament testing. Many people think this is a joke because at 7-8 weeks the pup is going to change so much! She does however spend time with her pups outside some. Both breeders have health guarantees on hips/elbows have done x-rays on parents and all that. I guess my question is does it matter that the one dog will have not explored at all aside from her litter mates and momma and of course the breeder?? I'm going to see the local pup next weekend. The one that is across the country would be picked for me according to what I'm looking for in temperament. I hate the idea of shipping a pup but I know people do it. HELP!! There are 2 girls in the litter here that I would get to pick from. They are all pretty much either black/tan or sable and all come from lines of working dogs. Prices in both are 1500..(price isn't as big of an issue as quality is)
Thanks! The pic is one of the local girls at 4 weeks

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