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Originally Posted by MustLoveGSDs View Post
This is her day and very important for people into those things, so I would definitely get her thoughts on it. Also, dog aggression has a huge genetic component to it in the bully breed. You can do all the socialization in the world but as they mature that is when they can develop intolerances for other dogs.

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Yes you're right, I know she won't mind if I bring my puppy, they won't be in the way at all, and it'll keep me away from the baby shower as well lol

As far as the pitbull, yes I'm also aware of the dog aggressive nature most of them have. Which is why I'd like to at least give it a try, I'd hate for him to have a bad dog on his hands if I can help out by giving him some help socializing his dog. He's not the kind to read online about the best ways to raise a dog and prevent problems.
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