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Originally Posted by Cassidy's Mom View Post
I'd be very careful about introducing her to other dogs, unless you're 100% sure they're great with puppies. Not all dogs are. A bad experience at this age could have lasting effects, so I don't know if I'd risk it. As paigedanielle mentioned, it could be overwhelming.

Socialization needs to be a positive experience, and being swarmed by a bunch of kids might not be a bit much for a young puppy. If you decide to take her anyway, please bring a crate and be prepared to crate her in a quiet room for at least part of the time.
The adult dog that's at my brothers house is great with puppies, people, and other dogs. He's very calm and well behaved. The pitbull puppy plays nicely with the adult and all the kids and people he comes in contact with.

I would be there the entire time and it would give me a good reason to not be too involved with the baby shower lol

I would bring some snacks and her toys and a crate as well with me. The kids usually just spend their times running around playing by themselves and the dogs are mostly ignored except for the few minutes in between when they remember how cute puppies are and come to pet them.
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