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I just found out the pitbull puppy doesn't have any shots at all. So now I don't know if that changes anything.

I've only had my dog for 2 days now so we're still trying to get a grip on her personality but so far she's been curious, calm, and a bit timid. Just this morning she started walking around more of the house on her own and really following us around. She has already been introduced to our 2 other dogs, both chihuahuas, and she was really calm around them. Just wanted to see what they were about and then she'd go away to do something else.

If I leave her at home she won't be home alone, there will be people at home and I'm getting her kennel today as well so she'll have a place to be if they don't want to watch her. If I take her with me I'll be right next to her the entire time and will bring a fresh bag of bacon treats for them.
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