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anabolic steroids and older GSD male..

So about a year ago I found my Buddy walking across a busy intersection almost getting hit by a bunch of cars. I jumped out stopped traffic and h jumped right in the car with me poor guy was tired and although he is a beautiful dog, he is older. Right away I could tell that his hearing wasn't the best and he was losing his eye sight. My vet guesses that he is 11-12 years old, but said that for his age, he was the best (healthwise) GSD that she has seen. He has no hip problems, but it is very apparent that he is losing the strength to get up and walk in his hind legs.

to this point I have done everything that the vet has recommended, but she is strictly against the use of anabolic steroids.

Last night he went to the bathroom in the house which he has never done before and I can see that his health is diminishing quickly. I have read multiple places that a cycle of anabolic steroids can work wonders on dogs with his issues and I am to the point where I feel like we may only have a few months left with him unless I do something, even if it means going against the recommendation of my vet.

Unfortunately, I do not have the money right now to go to get various opinions from different vets, so I am hoping that there is someone here that can give me some guidance.

In my research on this topic I came across this old post on this forum....

Anabolic Steroids/senior GSD

There is a ton of valuable info in this thread, but I just wanted to see if anyone else had any thoughts or suggestions for me.

I understand that to many this may be a little controversial, but everything my vet has done to this point has not been successful and I refuse to sit and watch him wither away.

Sorry for the long post and thank you for reading this.

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