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Yeah I took him last night to a game at my kids high school. I wont be taking him to the park or on walks just yet since he is not done with his vacs. But will take him to places not frequented by many dogs. I figured he just needs to settle in but I wanted to be sure and make sure I do everything I should to build his confidence. He is good so far. The last puppy I had had REAL fear issues, but he had them before I got him and I thought I could help him but he just did not have the mind for it. I thought he was 12 weeks because that is what the people I got him from told me they THOUGHT he was, but now having this one who I KNOW is 12 weeks, the other guy was much older! I haven't had a puppy in sooo long I just want to make sure I do this right. I do not want a dog that will have separation anxiety and not be able to function without me!
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