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Athena's Mom.......... The other pup is in a new home now. Sadly he was not going to work out for what I wanted to do. He had many fear issues and did not cope well with being out in public. He is with a new family that had an older dog and did not want him to go and do all the stuff I did. He is happy, they keep in touch with me and he is doing well. I was selective on who got him and made sure he was going to a home that would be comfortable with him. They were soo happy to get a trained puppy! That is why I got a new one. Also not having had puppies for a LOOOONG time I didn't know what they looked like but the other puppy I was told he was 12 weeks but they didn't really KNOW and this one the people were the breeders so they knew exactly when and he is 12 weeks. The other guy was WAY older! This guy is just a little guy and is not at the stage the other guy was! So I am hoping that with no baggage that the other one came with, this guy will be better for my purposes. Although NOW he is afraid! I hope it is just a phase!
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