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What happened to my bold, confident puppy and will he come back?

Okay so I picked up a new puppy 3 days ago. I tested him and all his littermates and he was the best suited for what I want. He was confident, he was not under foot, he was responsive and playful. So I took him! Got him home and he fell apart! I think having the cat chase him made him fearful of everything! The cat does not chase him now but when he first got home that cat set the boundaries. Now Dagger slinks around the cats and wont get near them. That is fine because I don't want a dog that chases cats but I do want a confident dog! Now he is the poster boy for velcro dogs! He will not leave my side! If I move he moves if I don't move he doesn't move! If I go out back for him to do his business he does not want to leave my side. He is always underfoot now! Literally he is underfoot, I have tripped over him several times! I know that shepherds are typically velcro dogs and that is fine but he goes beyond that and there is no confidence in him anymore. He doesn't want to run around and play in the yard, he doesn't want to do anything but stay right by me. I will be doing yard work or cleaning or something and he wont get tired of doing nothing and go play he just lays down right by where I am and watches me.
I want to do agility with him and I picked him because of the temperament and confidence he showed when I looked at him. I had tested him with his litter mates AND separate from them and he was the same so is it just the new environment that he needs to get used to or what? Any suggestions of how to help him gain back his confidence? He is 12 weeks old.
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