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Question Kennel Set-Up

Hey guys! We are still in the preparation stage for our pup, whose mother is actually in labor right now

He will live mostly inside, but while training, our whole family has to leave for about 3-4 hours 1 day a week, so we are making an outdoor kennel for these occasions.

We have bought a 5x10 kennel and cover, and have a shady area in our yard set up for it. We are also making a 5x4 raised tile platform for one end, and buying a 5x6 piece of turf for the other end*.

So, my question is: in addition to the tile platform, artificial turf area, a Replendish waterer (one of those ones that refills from a container on top), and a couple of safe toys, what will the puppy need in there to be content for a max of 4 hours, once or twice a week? What are good outdoor beds, if needed*? Best way to introduce the puppy (will be 8 weeks) to the kennel in increments?

*We are in Texas, where everything is bigger, including the bugs, so that is why we are using turf and a raised platform to minimize bugs in the kennel. I think a raised bed (cot type) would be best because of this. Best brand of cot bed for GSDs?
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