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New GSD puppy introduced to geriatric Yorkie

Let me start by saying that I'm a major dog lover. I've never owed a. GSD but my husband has always wanted one. A month ago today I lost my sweet girl. Best dog in the whole world my little Yorkie Zoe who was almost 16 years old. She dies suddenly of CHF. My heart has never grieved like I have for that girl. We still have her son who is also a full breed almost 14 year old male Yorkie. Honestly after Zoe's death I thought I would never get another dog because I didn't want this heartache again!!
Well we've decided that we would get another dog. My husbands desire to own a GSD has won me over and I've spent hours researching the breed. I though I would be more of a shelter rescue type person but with having chip, my Yorkie, I know we have to get a puppie. My Yorkie spends most the day in his crate, he loves it in there. If I'm home he's sitting with me or my daughter but he really is a true den animal. Plus he sleeps a lot cause he's old. I do walk him 1/2 a mile a day. He really doesn't care for other dogs too much. He pretty much ignores them. I know he's going to be majorly pissed off but I think he will chill after a while. My biggest concern is his safely. I have a custom crate I had made for him and his mom. Since she passed I created a little walk through so his food could be in there and safe away from the puppy(he's a grazer) if I'm at work (I work 2 days a week)and my husband and kids are home I will just have them keep the Yorkie in the crate. My question is, has anyone else has success with a GSD and a toy breed?? We are buying a pup and will get her next month. I'm trying to prep and get as much information as possible. New GSD puppy introduced to geriatric Yorkie-imageuploadedbypg-free1401421060.633854.jpg

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