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dang 9 cups!!! That is a lot!

I have used blue and never had issues except with Titan being picky with it. The wilderness has more protien in it than the others and is supposed to lean toward the ingredients that are natural to dogs in the wild.. I guess.

Anyways, Fromm is an awesome food!! We loved it but Titan is allergic to some ingredients so we moved on. He is now on Canine Caviar. So far I have had to order this online, is where I have found it the cheapest.

If cost is a concern, Nature's Recipe was another brand we used for some time but have since switched (allergies again). Loved that one actually. He was on Salmon, sweet potato, and pumpkin. It made his skin healthy and coat really shiney.

Hope you find a good one.. some others I have heard, but not tried are:

Solid Gold
Nature's variety (tried the Instinct line)

Hope this helps a bit.


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