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Have a few questions need help!!!!

Taz has been on Totw high prairie puppy since he was about 16 weeks old. This was not my pick of foods but due to loose poops and no health issues this is the food that worked, he started having normal poops, so I figure if it's not broke why fix it. The calcium is 1.4, I was thinking of switching him to the adult formula now that he is 6 months, thinking it would be better for growth the adult formula calcium is 2.1 so I am thinking puppy is better for now. What do you suggest?

Second question: Taz and I have started SAR tranning I have always used treats for rewards, they would rather I find a toy that really gets him excited, problem is I have spent tons on toys already. He will play if I play but as far as getting excited over them no, he could care less. Any suggestions on a great toy? I was thinking about taking him to petsmart this weekend.

You all always have good advice hoping you can help. Thanks
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