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Choke or Prong for my pup

Hugo is now 6 months old and pulls like no other. He is getting better with loose leash from training constantly. However, that goes out the window as soon as a bird or other animal is around. Also, if a group of people are walking in front of me, he pulls to catch up with them.

I was wondering if I should get him a choke collar. I have a prong that I've used once or twice and it is a miracle worker with him. He never left my side the entire walk and it was almost a three mile walk. I'm also not too sure if he is still too young to use a prong, so I haven't been using it much. My neighbor a couple doors down is a K9 police officer and his GSD is just amazing. He told me that I should use a choke because the prong is only for bad case dogs. It seems like the choke wouldn't be nearly as effective as a prong. Plus the choke seems like it might be tough to snap him out of prey drive around distractions. Any advice would be awesome. Thanks.

Hugo- 12/09/13
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