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Buzz - 10 Months wont stop destructng my house

Hi everyone,

My boy Buzz is a loving big pup. Over the last 4 weeks he has started to become very destructive in the house so far my banister, table, kitchen chair, radiator pipe and his own leads have been chewed. I know he must be teething but I dont know how to stop him from chewing everything in sight. My partner and I both work but my sister in law comes down a few times a day to see him. We crate trained Buzz and he has his crate open for him to go into but we give him access to the Kitchen and downstairs hall. I feel like we are going backwards instead of forwards with him. I have bought him loads of chew toys and bones etc but he seems to go for everything else Starting to get frustrating. I was hoping to move house but this has honestly put me off until hes past this stage.

Buzz's behaviour other than this is brilliant he is fantastic with my 4 year old and we take him down to our local park / beach most nights as there are about 5 other german sheperds that we meet there and he plays great with them.
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