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We do not have to sue every time there is an accident. I am sorry you were bit. That is never fun. If you can, give the owners a chance to apologize and ask how you are doing. Accidents do happen. The owner should have been more careful. She does own a formidable dog, and they don't get many extra chances.

But she was right there -- not like she lets her dog roam the neighborhood, or has the dog left in a yard all day, and it managed to get his unsupervised butt out to go after you. She did manage to come out and get her dog under control.

If at all possible, an "I'm really sorry," and, "we are signing up for more classes" or "we are going to get that latch fixed today." Should be enough. If you needed medical attention, hopefully, they will offer to cover that.

I hope that this does not need to go to court, and lawyers will not be the winners, and dog owners the losers.

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