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Arya has the itchies....

...and she's had them since she was 7 weeks old. Currently 21 weeks old (nearly 5 months).

They are very mild... she'll just suddenly stop doing something and itch. Or chew on her feet or hind leg for a moment and then continue with whatever she was doing before.

Vet found she had ear mites and sarcoptic mange when I took her in because they had gotten considerably worse (this was when she was 12 weeks if I'm remembering right). She got a lot better with the treatment, and the vet gave her a clear bill of health... but she will still have the occasional itchies.

Nothing in her ears or skin that I can find. No fleas, no ticks, nothing like that. No rash, no smell.

She is fed a balanced Prey Model Raw diet. Her treats are high quality grain free kibble. I've used different brands for that, like TOTW, Natural Instinct, Wellness CORE, and most recently Earthborn Holistic, each one a different protein. Made no change in her itchiness level.

She doesn't constantly itch. Some days are a bit worse than others, but for the most part, she'll spend about 45 minutes total in a 24 hour day scratching at something or rubbing her eyes.

Right now I haven't added anything to her diet. She gets the 80-10-10 ratio of meat, bone, and organs.

Recently I've started her on occasional public access training (when she's over a year old we will begin actual task training, until then it's pretty much just taking a walk through a store). And today she started itching in the store. Just stopped in the middle of the aisle way we were walking through and started itching.

I know she is clean and does not have fleas or anything that would pose a health risk... but others don't. I didn't punish her for it or anything, she's a puppy and doesn't know better, she was just itchy. But... it's made me start thinking about it again... and how I'd like to find a resolution if at all possible.

She's not a full-blooded GSD. Mixed with (known) aussie, potentially Doberman or Rottie as well... but definitely some GSD and Aussie.
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