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Need help with one aspect of our rescue Jade's behavior...

An old lady needs help here...

We have two rescue GSDs, and Jade is our female. She lived the first 5 years of her life as a brood bitch, sometimes in the house, locked away in a room when she was in because she was DA, so she never really learned good house manners. Her major problems that most people would need help with, we are handling fine. She has one habit, though, that I have never encountered in an adult dog, so I need some advice here.

If you are walking through a room, she will suddenly dash in front of you, and it's easy to trip over her. Sometimes she is so close she can tangle her feet with yours, and I have nearly gone down. Even at my age, I am strong and have a good core, so she hasn't put me down yet (take it back--she did twice in the deep snow during the winter, too much snow to get hurt, lol), but I care for my sister, who has a medley of health issues, no core strength at all, and we have to be particularly careful of Jade around her. Jade is not meaning harm, she just doesn't know any better. Any advice on making her more conscious of where she's going in relation to where we're walking? It has become a real safety issue for my sister.

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